Why are we doing this

Humanity is facing difficult choices in a planet characterized by significant climatic and geopolitical changes, the emergence of new types of conflicts, the depletion of natural resources.

When considering, for example, the effects of the predicted ocean level raise and its consequences on coastal cities around the world, better understanding of the odds, uncertainties, risks and their prioritization will be paramount. The same applies to any human endeavour, including mega civilian projects, which are oftentimes afflicted by over-costs reaching 100% or more of the initial budget.

Within a few years a better understanding of hazards and risks could alleviate a lot of mismanaged situations, human suffering and misery.

Information and the capacity to deal with it is a significant defensive element, especially if the knowledge is shared and available to all.

Events like the Flint drinking water crisis, the failure of the Samarco Mine Tailings Dam have recently brought casualties and environmental damages to the first page of the world-media. They show the importance of giving access to knowledge and methods that would allow better prioritization of risks, thus better decision making and better corporate or public funds allotment.

Access to knowledge is even more important when looking at the emerging extent of climate change induced economic and social damages, with its toll, also measurable in Switzerland, of heat related deaths, diseases, increased energy use, flash floods and landslides.

All the events mentioned above are symptoms of situations that have slowly drifted towards increasing exposures to risks that the public, corporate managers, public officers do not see in their globality or struggle to grasp the full extent of interedependent consequences, especially when under pressure for results, short term success and competition.

This partial impairment is the embodiment of a systemic problem of our society.

Thus, awareness and skills can be fostered by creating or enhancing methodologies and by increasing knowledge.

The goal of The ORE Foundation will be achieved through:
  • Innovative research (research projects);
  • Education programs (courses), coaching and technical/ technological support;

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