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The ORE Foundation is driven forward by a passionate team of interdisciplinary experts including highly-skilled scientists, engineers, and risk and crisis managers interested in enhancing the Human society’s quality of life and sustainability by increasing the understanding of risks and mitigations. The ORE Foundation has a international scientific committee reuniting a cross-disciplinary group of respected professional sharing the Foundation goals.


Why are we doing this

Humanity is facing difficult choices in a planet characterized by significant climatic and geopolitical changes, the emergence of new types of conflicts, the depletion of natural resources.

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Who can benefit

Members of the public, academics, public and corporate officers will benefit from the work of the ORE Foundation.

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Research Programs

Research Programs

The ORE Foundation has research, education, support programs. Here is a list of the research programs.


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Discover our courses: here is a list of the educational courses.

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